Our Artists

Cosmograf –

Cosmograf was formed in 2008 when Robin Armstrong produced his first home demo album, followed by the release of ‘End of Ecclesia’ in 2009. The next release ‘When Age Has Done Its Duty’ captured the attention of the progressive rock community, and the press alike, leading to a Limelight nomination in the PROG magazine awards. The sound is rooted in 70’s classic rock with many contemporary influences from rock, progressive rock and metal. There is always a particular emphasis on concepts and atmospheric production leading to comparisons with artists such as Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, and Steven Wilson. Cosmograf has released some 7 albums, with much critical acclaim and press attention and moved to the Gravity Dream label in 2019.

The Bardic Depths –

Born of the existing progressive rock group Birzer Bandanna,‘The Bardic Depths’ is an all new progressive rock project formed from the writing team of multi-instrumentalist, Dave Bandana with lyrics and concept from Bradley Birzer, plus contributions from Peter Jones (Camel/ Tiger Moth Tales)  – Saxophone/ Vocals,  Tim Gehrt ( Streets/ Steve Walsh) – Drums, Gareth Cole (Tom Slatter/ Fractal Mirror)  – Guitar and Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf) – Keyboards/ Guitar/ Bass, amongst a host of other amazing musicians from the progressive rock community around the world including Kevin McCormick – Guitar, Paolo Limoli – Keyboards , John William Francis – Marimba, Mike Warren – Cello, and Glenn Codere – Backing Vocals. The new record is an immersive combination of literary concept and Floydian soundscape with classic pop references. We are releasing the self-titled debut album on the Gravity Dream label, on March 20th 2020.

Arrival –

Arrival is the project of James Durand (Kepler Ten), Lee Abraham (Lee Abraham/Galahad) and Kyle Fenton (Cosmograf). Written and recorded over 3 years but never formally released. Far too good to keep under wraps, Gravity Dream is pleased to have formed a ‘distribution only’ deal with the band to release their music to the world in 2020.

‘Light from a Dying Star’ is their debut first recorded in 2012 but never really seeing the light of day. Turbo charged AOR Rock with huge catchy choruses, big guitars and superb production. For fans of straight ahead rockers with amazing musicianship with the band having serious prog credentials.

Echo Rain –

Echo Rain is the side project of Lee Abraham (Lee Abraham/ Galahad/ Arrival). Aside from his well known progressive rock releases, Echo Rain focusses on shorter, guitar instrumental rock songs and the craft of great guitar tone. Resisting the urge to produce a shred fest of guitar rock, Lee uses the guitar to interpret song writing with his well known sense of melody and chord structures. The debut EP ‘Western Skies’ is being launched on the label in July 2020.

Grumblewood –

Grumblewood are a 4 piece progressive folk-rock band from Wellington, New Zealand and their music is rooted in the electric folk and progressive rock movements of the early 70s. Their debut album ‘Stories of Strangers’ features eight tales of fortune, fable, daring and demise and explores the lyricism, rhythms, and role of folk music, mixing it up with a bit of jazz, a bit of baroque, and a lot of rock.One of the things that really interested me about the band from the outset was that they took the very unusual and artistic step of recording, mixing and mastering their album entirely in analogue. When I heard it for the first time it was as if it had been recorded in progressive rock’s golden era in the early 70s, but it’s an entirely fresh and original album. The album releases on November 6th 2020.

Dec Burke –

Dec Burke performed with Frost* on their 2008 album Experiments in Mass Appeal and their 2010 live album The Philadelphia Experiment. He also performed with  as guitarist / vocalist, recording 2 albums; 2006’s Eyes of the World and 2009’s Template for a Generation. He also recorded 3 solo albums from 2010-2016 and performed with AudioPlastik and Dilemma in 2015 and 2019. Dec’s combination of hook laden catchy rock, with soaring vocal choruses and searing guitar makes him one of the most exciting writers on the prog scene. He is releasing his latest album Life in Two Dimensions on Gravity Dream in the Autumn of 2021

Retreat From Moscow –

Retreat from Moscow originally hail from Cardiff, Wales, UK and gigged extensively in from 1979-1981.  Fast forward 40 years and the band of core members, Andrew Raymond, Greg Haver, Tony Lewis and John Harris reformed in 2018 to start recording old and new material for a new album, ‘The World As We Knew It’.

Greg is the drummer with the group and a successful producer in his own right working with The Manic Street Preachers, Melanie C and Tom Jones amongst others.   He organised the recording sessions with long-term collaborator Clint Murphy at Modern World Studios in the Cotswolds and the tracks were finally sent to be mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in Nashville, USA towards the end of the 2019. The roots of their music is influenced by the progressive giants of the 70s but their sound nods more to the 80s new wave of progressive music with strong melody, big keyboards and choruses, and soaring vocals.

The Round Window –

The Round Window was formed in 2018, originally as a duo with Rich and Thomas Lock sharing vocals, guitars, and keyboards. Jack Lock joined on drums on 2020 and the line up was completed with David Brazington on guitar and Dietmar Shantin on bass.

Their self titled debut album consists of eight songs that run the gamut of rock styles and draw upon a wide range of influences. They describe their music as a widescreen rock that encompasses influences from acoustic, classic, melodic, pop and progressive rock. It is being released independently by the band on September 30th 2022 and Gravity Dream is pleased to have formed a distribution deal with them to release their music to the world.

The album has been produced by Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf) with artwork by Paul Tippett (Frost*/ Black Star Riders)