About Us

Gravity Dream was formed in 2019 by Robin Armstrong, as an independent record label, music producer and merch store working for talented artists in the genres of progressive rock, metal, art rock and many other musical forms.

Our first label artist is Cosmograf, formed by Robin in 2008, and now almost a veteran of the small independent prog scene with some 7 studio albums released, that are critically acclaimed and regularly featured in the progressive rock press.

Cosmograf has been fiercely independent since around 2011, releasing all the Cosmograf records since ‘The Man left In Space’ on the ‘Cosmograf Music’ label. In 2019, Robin decided to launch ‘Gravity Dream’, allowing a firm base for expansion for Cosmograf, but also providing a vehicle to allow the release of records from other small independent artists who can access the same promotion and distribution network built over many years.

“It’s incredibly difficult for small independent artists to get a foothold and get their music heard. Many have to rely on spending thousands in production costs to even get considered for record deals with poor returns, that frankly leave them unable to repay the cost of making the record. I can help them get their music to true release standard as part of an artist friendly deal and give them access to the same distribution network that I’ve built for Cosmograf.” says Robin.

Record Deal

We offer a number of different artist friendly options for getting your music out there from simply retailing your CD in our store for a low commission fee up to a full record deal for the right artists with the right talent, with royalty per physical copy sold and advance on sales.

Music Production

Robin working in his studio ‘The Trees’

The label is able to offer assistance in all areas of the music production and release process including; session musician work, in house mixing and mastering, artwork production facilities and CD manufacture and pressing.

Robin has his own recording studio ‘The Trees’ where alongside his work with Cosmograf he undertakes session work and mixing and mastering for other artists.

He’s worked with:

  • Steve Thorne (Island of the Imbeciles)- Lead Guitar
  • Riversea (The Tide) – Guitar on ‘Your Last Day’.
  • Big Big Train (English Electric Full Power) – Backing Vocals on Seen Better Days 
  • John Holden (Capture Light) – Mastering and consulting on Mixing
  • John Holden (Rise and Fall) – Mastering and consulting on Mixing
  • Lee Abraham (Colours) – Vocals, Find Another Way 
  • Lee Abraham (Distant Days) – Acoustic Guitar/ Backing Vocals
  • Harmony for Elephants – Guitar on Rivers of Fire
  • The Bardic Depths – Mixing and mastering, various, guitar, bass and keyboard parts
  • The Round Window – Producer, mixing and mastering

Robin was also a touring member of the multi award winning band ‘Big Big Train’ playing keyboards and guitar during 2018 and 2019.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any part of your music production.

Gravity Dream Shop

The Gravity Dream Shop hosts all the merch for both Cosmograf and related artists that Robin has worked with over the years, and of course other artists that are signed to the ‘Gravity Dream’ label.