Lee Abraham-The Seasons Turn CD


Lee Abraham-The Seasons Turn CD –

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Lee Abraham-The Seasons Turn CD –  Release Date April 2016

Jewel Case CD

Lee Abraham plus a number of guests

Track Listing: 1. The Seasons Turn (24:26) / 2. Live For Today (6:51) / 3. Harbour Lights (7:11) / 4. Say Your Name Aloud (5:00) / 5. The Unknown (16:10)

Lee Abraham’s fifth solo album, called ‘The Seasons Turn’.  The follow-up to 2014’s ‘Distant Days’ sees the ex-Galahad bassist reunited with his core band of Christopher Harrison. Alistair Begg, Rob Arnold and Gerald Mulligan. Dec Burke of Frost* and Marc Atkinson of Riversea also return.

Abraham says: “Mark Colton of Credo sings lead vocals on a track very far removed from his usual style. Simon Godfrey provides heartfelt vocals to the album’s other epic track. And in a rare return to prog, Martin Orford has recorded some haunting flute”. Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf) also guests on backing vocals. The work explores the passage of time across its five tracks.